Add Value to your Investment Portfolio
Invest in Secured Property Loans
Draw your Regular Income
Benefit from the Short-Term Exit Strategy
Enjoy Legal Protection

*Disclaimer: Although your investment is secured against property, your capital is at risk. 


Fast Property Purchase
Fast Capital Raising
Fast Auction Funding
Light Property Refurbishment
Undervalue Purchases

About Us

London Credit, is a London based lender providing business purpose bridging finance loans to London based borrowers and business owners. These loans are in turn provided as a short-term investment product to investors from all around the world.

London Credit is an affiliated company of the Consulco Group founded in 1993. The group has a prominent presence in the European and CIS markets since last century! More than 200 personnel consisting of investment managers, lawyers, accountants and other qualified professionals service our worldwide client base.

We help British, European and international professional investors, institutional clients and high net worth families to structure their business and manage syndicated and bespoke real estate, credit and private investments.


About Us

What we offer for investors

We offer an alternative investment opportunity for investors to participate in attractive returns, with short-term exit strategy and capital protection. Investors can access small business loans secured against real estate located mainly in London. 

We bridge the property lending gap between banks and investors, allowing individuals and companies to invest in property finance.

Investors can browse term loans underwritten by credit professionals, highly experienced lawyers, bankers and external valuers, in order to minimize risk and assure achievement investment objectives.

At the end of the investment term our clients have the option to receive their funds or to re-invest them.

We opt to differ from others as we invest alongside our clients giving them the confidence that their wealth is well looked after and that we manage their wealth as we manage our own.


What we offer for borrowers

We offer private and alternative credit. No more struggling with paperwork and unreasonable lending terms. We provide bridging loans secured on residential, commercial and semi commercial real estate.

We provide bespoke solutions that suit our clients, matching their requirements and expectations. Our combination of extensive funding and a dedicated origination team ensure loan completion in days.

We specialise in providing services swiftly, as we consider speed and timing to be of the upmost importance in today’s business world.

Our criteria are simple. The process is straightforward and easy. No hidden costs or small print.

We offer flexible financing solutions to borrowers via our extensive Intermediary network.

Knowledge Centre

In an effort to clarify the impact bridging market, the London Credit Knowledge Center aggregates key industry publications, Investor and Borrower Spotlights and our own news and events.