London Credit relaunches auction product

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London Credit has relaunched its auction finance product, where an offer can be issued prior to the auction so that a potential buyer has surety of funds should their bid be successful.

Loans are available from £100,000 to £3.5m on properties in London, the South East and major cities, with approval in principle and indicative terms usually available within an hour

Marios Theophanous, credit manager at London Credit, said: “Buying a property at auction has become more popular as the move to online auctions as a result of Covid restrictions has actually opened up the market to more people. And, of course, with completion usually required within 28 days, buying at auction remains one of the few ways that property investors could benefit from the stamp duty holiday.

So, we wanted to create a product that gives investors what they need – surety of funds at the outset.

“At London Credit, we offer bridging finance that goes back to basics, building our proposition on speed, flexibility and the ability to lend on complex cases. We can lend up to 70% LTV on terms up to 18 months, providing brokers with simple, no fuss financing solutions for their clients, supported by a fair procuration fee to reflect their work. Brokers interested in our auction finance proposition should speak to one of our BDMs.”

10 February 2021


Increasingly, buy-to-let landlords are looking at the yields that others are getting from Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMOs) with envy.


As we continue to mentally readjust to life after the worst of the pandemic, we find the property development market at an interesting place in time. As far as interest in bridging goes, things are recovering well. At London Credit for example, we are receiving a constant stream of enquiries from brokers.


Capital cities are usually – but not always (think Canberra) – the economic epicentre and cultural lifeblood of a country. For the UK, London is so much more than that. It is a genuine ‘world city’ and in surveys its inhabitants often say they feel more affinity to residents of New York than Leeds or Birmingham, for example.


Speak to anyone in the specialist market at the moment, and you’ll get a similar story. The desire from investors to purchase property, whether with the intention of doing it up and selling it on or retaining it for the long term, is as strong as ever.


There is a real feeling of business getting back to normal at the moment across the bridging industry. It’s not just because of the excellent levels of activity we are still seeing, even after that first Stamp Duty holiday has passed, but also because of the return to face-to-face industry events.