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Property Market Rebound

Estate agents back in April (when the UK was in lockdown and the property market was frozen) were forecasting that house prices would fall by up to 10% in the short term. On the contrary, we have been experiencing a mini boom since reopening as pent up demand and buyers taking advantage of the stamp duty holiday, have driven activity up and pushed house prices up by 3.5%, the highest level of growth for almost three years. According to Zoopla, this increased number of new sales (especially in London and Southern England) is almost 40% higher than it was a year ago. This is expected to continue through to the next year as prospective buyers will want to complete their transactions before the end of the stamp duty holiday. 

Furthermore, the encouraging recent news about the potential vaccines have already had a positive effect on economic forecasts. This development will definitely boost confidence and bring optimism to the market. A successful vaccine (and we have seen the announcements by airlines) will also probably bring back international travel and this will bring back international buyers – who have been the majority of investors in London in recent years.

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Property Market Rebound
26 November 2020


From our experience at London Credit, we believe that the property investment market is still buoyant. With new home purchases relatively low, the private rented sector is standing firm.


How do brokers establish who are the players to deal with and who are best avoided?


Business owners will time and time again state that certainty is a key consideration. What they don’t want are constant changes in regulation or tax regimes amongst other things.


I often feel that financial services are a sector that suffers from an overuse of abbreviations and acronyms more than most. For example, I’ve already used three TLAs (three-letter acronyms) this morning – LTV, OMV, ICR – and it’s not even 9 am.